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High-quality extensions from ADH builders in County Durham. We have been building extensions and sunrooms since 1992.
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About us

ADH Building Services was established in 1992 and has built a sterling reputation for quality with clients such as Northern Electric, R.N.L.I and the local Council meaning ADH are able to provide great references.

The very nature of ADH’s clients means that quality and service are paramount to its success and doing a sub-standard job is not an option.

With each job we undertake, our aim is to ensure that we meet and surpass expectations, not an easy thing to do within the building trade. Our aim is to complete all projects to the highest standard, so if any issues do occur, we fix them!

We can write lots of information to really try to put across how good we are however, at the end of the day, we have always found people buy from people. The building game has a bad reputation so finding the right company to serve your needs is a nightmare.

So really, the easiest thing to do is pick up the phone, have a chat, see how knowledgeable we are and if you like what you hear, let’s go into more detail together. Please, do not ask for a quote over the phone, we really cannot provide one. That is not us being awkward, it is simply each job is different.

We do a variety of jobs both within domestic, commercial and industrial profiles, always providing the highest quality at the right price!

We do not do the cheap; we offer high-quality at competitive rates – there is an old adage ‘Buy cheap buy twice‘ – we do it right first time! Guaranteed!

Our professionalism is key to our success, our clients come to us as they are looking for quality and want experts not cowboys.

Helping to make your dreams a reality

You are in the right place if you live in or around the County Durham area. At ADH Building Services, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work. Yes, we all say this, but we are proud of our checked and vetted feedback. Give us a call or fill in the form to request a call back for a chat. Don’t worry; there is no-obligation. We fully understand that having building work completed is a big decision and choosing the company which is right for you is very important.


Thinking of building an extension?

Lots to think about, so don’t leave it to chance, contact a high-quality professional firm who have been doing this for many years – ADH Building Services.

Wish to find out more? Give us a call!


The term sunroom, solarium and conservatory are commonly used to describe a building which has 75% glass roof and the sides at least 50% glass.

At ADH Building Services, we are able to build a high-quality conservatory or sunroom bespoke to your exact needs, a beautiful addition to your home.


We have carried out a series of different renovations over the years. These have included small jobs like removing internal walls to full house renovations.

We are able to ensure that your home is changed to meet and exceed your expectation.

If you’d like to see examples of our work, visit our alterations page and view our gallery.

We at ADH can take care of all that with you, with years of experience to call upon. You will not be left on your own feeling lost in what can be a nightmare.

At ADH, we pride ourselves on doing a complete job. Take a look at our testimonials or have a chat with us. People buy from people, trust is earned and once you’ve met up with David and the team, you will see that you are getting a high-quality professional who does care about the job and the customer.

Don’t get bogged down with the details and niggling little things to take into consideration. We’ll deal with the whole process, letting you get on with the things that matter.

Check us out ‘Checked and Vetted’.

Work with the professionals, not the cowboys. Give us a call on