adh building services conservatory


The terms sunroom, solarium and conservatory are commonly used to describe a building which has 75% glass roof and the sides at least 50% glass.

We at ADH building services are able to build a high quality conservatory or sunroom bespoke to your exact needs so it fits beautifully with your home.

Improve do not move, a great saying, you probably have everything you really want in the area you are. Why move when ADH building services from Durham can save you a fortune…

Don’t go for 2nd best, when you can have the best.
Pay once at the right price and avoid paying for it later!

adh building services conservatory


Thinking of building an extension?

Well you are in the right place, so let me tell you why!

There are so many points to consider,

  • Building regulation
  • Cost
  • Value added to property
  • Architects

We at ADH can take care of all that with you, with years of experience to call upon. You will not be left on your own feeling lost in what can be a nightmare.

At ADH we pride ourselves on doing a complete job, yes many builders say we pride ourselves! Look at our testimonials or have a chat with us. People buy from people trust is earned and once you’ve met up with me David you will see that you are getting a high quality, professional who does care about the job.

Along with many other details and niggling little things to take in to consideration.

Would you like all that taken away and dealt with, letting you get on with what you want to do.

That’s were we come in, stress free, hassle free – professional and reliable.

Check us out ‘Checked and Vetted’

‘Quality at the right price’

adh building services conservatory


Your driveway is really the first area people see of your house, so shouldn’t you care about it! When a cheap drive is put in, no ground works are carried out. This means that there is no foundation or support for the drive. You will of seen the classic block paving where it has become totally uneven. Poor workmanship is to blame, also putting weight on the drive it was never designed to take. At ADH we take pride in doing the job right, this means meeting and exceeding your expectations. Call us to find out more 0191 377 3294